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Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Showers in Naples, FL


Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Showers in Naples, FL
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Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Showers in Naples, FL


Showers used to be a small cubicle shielded by a curtain. That is a thing of the past! We�ve come a long way and now you can choose from different shower sizes, finishes and types of partitions and shower doors. We have frameless shower doors, which make any smaller space look bigger. We have framed shower doors and their finish can match the d�cor of your bathroom to make it look pulled together. Have you always wanted a steam shower? You can have it in your own bathroom! Ask us and we will show you how luxurious it can be. Other types of shower doors are bi-pass, door and pane, fixed panel and hydroslide. Look at each of the categories on the next pages and you will see pictures of each one. Neo-angle showers help you take advantage of oddly shaped corners in your bathroom and pivot doors work well in large spaces. The most important factor is that you end up with the shower of your dreams!


Frameless showers have an uncluttered clean-cut look that helps maximize space.


Framed showers give a polished look and can make your shower match the rest of the d�cor in your bathroom.


Glass steam showers are convenient and offer not only pampering and feel-good qualities and will turn your bathroom into the spa you never seem to have time to visit.


These best fit in smaller quarters, such as a guest bathroom or a condo. They give the illusion of more space.

Door and Panel

This style uses a fixed panel and a door that swings in and out on the frameless design which is better suited for larger bathrooms.

Fixed Panel

Fixed panels can be installed in larger showers when a door and panel are not needed. They are easier to maintain and give a polished uncluttered look.


Hydroslide is a single sliding door with a fixed panel. This is perfect for compact areas such as guest showers and condos.


These are to ensure that you take the most advantage of the space you have available, no matter how large or small or unusual it is.

Pivot Doors

A pivot also allows for a fuller range of motion when opening the shower door and is better suited for larger bathrooms.

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Showers, Glass and Mirrors of all types are available from Paradise Glass and Mirror LLC in Marco Island and Naples, Florida
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
 Showers, Glass and Mirrors
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