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Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror

Glass and Mirror

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Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL

Glass and Mirrors

Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL
Glass and Mirror

Glass and Mirror

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Glass and Mirror
Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL

Glass and Mirrors

At Paradise Glass and Mirror LLC we go far beyond what stores that sell windows or mirrors normally do. For instance, we can pretty much customize glass or mirrors in any way you want.  

For example, we can create shower walls and doors with custom-colored, beveled and etched glass to create one-of-a-kind showers. We can create custom table-tops by layering three sheets of glass together (the middle layer being of a different color) with an invisible laminate and then table the middle layer with a spring-loaded punch so that it "explodes": creating a layer of colored broken glass between two layers of beveled clear glass which creates a one-of-a-kind unique table-top that can never be duplicated.

We can protect your home against storms with laminated or tempered glass, while protecting your business with BR (Bullet-Resistant) glass.

Basically we can create any type of glass product ranging from frosting glass on walls and dividers, to custom etch glass showers, to ceiling or even church mirrors with antique glass or front doors using colored uro glass. If you can imagine it, we can do it!


Antique glass is best used for cabinet doors because the glass is very thin. It will give a classical look to your bathroom. Antique mirrors look classy and create a special effect in cabinets, bathroom mirrors and even above your kitchen counter.


Beveled glass is best for table-tops, cabinet doors, front doors, transoms and sidelights, bathroom mirrors, medicine cabinets and bars. It is made by creating a bevel around the edges of a standard glass.


Crackle glass is made with a unique process that gives it a shattered glass look. Each piece of crackle glass is unique and we recommend it for table-tops, partitions, shower walls and shelves.


Custom glass and mirrors are made in the thickness, length and width of your choice. The finish can also be different for each and every one. No two rooms are alike and we will make sure that every corner where you need a mirror or glass is customized if that�s what you need.


We can frame your pictures, but also a mirror. Anything that you need we will do with the finish that you prefer. We will come and take measurements and make sure the frame matches your d�cor and your taste. No job is too small for us.

Frosted and Etched

We recommend using frosted glass wherever you need light but also require privacy, such as for a front door, a shower partition, and also for decorative purposes such as on table-tops and shelves.


We recommend laminated glass for any place where glass could be at risk by extreme weather conditions such as tropical storms or hurricanes, or sudden force, such as in a store-front.


Tempered glass is used primarily where strength and safety are primary concerns. We recommend tempered glass for doors, sliding glass doors, front doors, sidelights and even table-tops.

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Showers, Glass and Mirrors Port Royal

Showers, Glass and Mirrors of all types are available from Paradise Glass and Mirror LLC in Marco Island and Port Royal, Florida
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
 Showers, Glass and Mirrors
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