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Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
Glass and Mirror
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Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Laminated Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL


Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Laminated Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL
Glass and Mirror

Glass and Mirror

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Glass and Mirror
Paradise Glass and Mirror offers Laminated Glass and Mirrors in Port Royal, FL

Laminated Glass and Mirrors

If you are looking for any type, shape, size, style or color of laminated glass we can help. Even if you want it frosted, etched or with special effects. Just give us a call.

Laminated glass is created for strength and safety. Unlike tempered glass which is created for pretty much strength alone, laminated glass is designed to help create a safer environment any place where people gather. Laminated glass is created by pressing two pieces of glass together with a layer of material in between (most commonly PVC) which causes the two pieces of glass to stick together. The effect is to make the glass stronger and at the same time to make the glass more resistant to shattering. Basically if the glass breaks, the pieces stick together creating a spider web effect.

Laminated glass can also be used to block UV rays from damaging furniture, floors and draperies (fading) if a special colored layer is added. All laminated glass is not the same. You have to request the special colored layer or your furniture may be at risk.

We recommend laminated glass any place where glass could be at risk for being affected by weather or sudden force. For instance, glass sliding-doors may be affected by hurricanes. Storefront windows need laminated glass to help prevent thieves from breaking into the store in the middle of the night. Laminated glass is also useful in front doors, sidelights, transoms, windows and at its strongest levels for banks in the form of bullet-resistant glass. All showers use some form of tempered or occasionally laminated glass for safety. Don't let safety issues fool you. We can create all kinds of special effects while keeping you and your family safe.

One more thing to know is that your insurance company may offer discounts on your insurance if you use laminated glass for your sliding glass doors, windows and doors. We would be happy to accept calls from your insurance company regarding which types of glass they will offer you discounts on and work with you to help you qualify for these discounts which could last as long as you own your home.

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Showers, Glass and Mirrors
Showers, Glass and Mirrors
 Showers, Glass and Mirrors

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